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Your Learning Path

Training to help you become the person you've always wanted to be

What Is JAR Matrix?

JAR Matrix is more than just an online GxP training provider in the pharmaceutical industry. We know it is difficult to keep up with standards that are continuously changing. However, it is important to keep your skills and knowledge up to date and continue to make an impact within your team, company, and industry - ensuring advancement within both company culture as well as personal career path!

Training Designed To Grow With You

We know the path to success can be difficult, especially if you're new. That's why we created a unique set of friendly and easy-to-learn courses that will assist with two key areas, equipping you with knowledge and providing skills necessary when starting out!

  1. Equipping you with knowledge
    We will equip you with knowledge and experience that is sure to help make better, more knowledgeable decisions.
  2. The skills to execute your vision
    Once you have the necessary knowledge and information, all you need are the skills to be successful. We will help you in developing important industry skills and put them into practice at the right time.

Why Should I Use It

We thrive on piquing your interest and your commitment to learning and developing yourself. We are confident that our training will help you become better skilled and more efficient. Our courses will help you progress and learn to deal with situations, from simple actions to complex strategies. JAR Matrix courses will show you hot to learn from others while also encouraging you to learn from your own experiences.

Our courses are setup at different levels that range from basic to advanced. The introductory courses provide an overview of the subject matter making it an excellent introduction for new learners. Learners progress through modules as they become more demanding and impart more in-depth knowledge. You may select how you learn, working at your own pace and quickly and efficiently scaling up your skills as needed.

With our layout of courses, we can develop more customized training programmes and a personal development route for each user. Get in touch to see how we can tailor a curriculum to your specific requirements.

Depending on the type of registration you complete, you can finish the courses and modules directly on our website or through our learning management system – JAR Matrix Portal. It’s all about giving you the ease of completing the courses whenever and wherever you want.

How it works

You can register as a Pay As You Go (PAYG) user and have access to a limited catalogue, or you can subscribe to our platform (JAR Matrix Portal) and gain full access to all our courses and modules.

Pay As You Go users (PAYG)

These learners can register for courses and pay for them. Your registered courses will be stored in your learning dashboard, where you can easily keep track of them. You’ll also gain access to a limited library of content. To learn more about our course library, feel free to contact us.

Registered users (JAR Matrix Portal)

These learners have complete access to the JAR Matrix Portal, our learning management system. You will have access to our entire library and be able to save on current and upcoming courses. You will also benefit from personalised learning recommendations to help you make the most of your time.

Your Path to an “OMG Pinch Me” Career

We can put together any course combination to suit each individual user; if you have any questions, please contact us via email or through the website.

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