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About Us

Why We Started JAR Matrix

The JAR Matrix team has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. They understand how important it is to provide employees with proper training and knowledge about their work but find that most companies face challenges when doing so because each firm has unique needs for instruction materials based on what they specialise within. To address this problem the JAR matrix team came up with its own solution - designing customised courses tailored specifically to each company's requirements!

Training is often seen and treated as a tick box exercise - we feel differently. We believe that training should be more than just an opportunity to put our employees in front of some theory, it's actually the perfect time for them to gets hands-on experience with real world skills.

The JAR Matrix approach focuses on ensuring every employee gets their own full-blown understanding about why things work in specific ways at your company - from theory down to practice.

Training is a business-enhancing tool that should be treated as such. Employees need to understand why they do what they do, and have the knowledge applied so it can work for your company's needs - which means, for example, creating modules based on standard procedures or protocols in order to ensure everyone knows how things are supposed to happen when you put them into practice at work!

JAR Matrix Brings Something New

At JAR Matrix, we firmly believe that training your employees is essential to guarantee success and be compliant in any pharmaceutical business.

We don't just train your employees; we demonstrate the value of these practices and how they add value to the company and their careers.

At JAR Matrix, our training is about making things relatable, communicating in words that everyone understands, providing a variety of learning options, and ensuring that everyone leaves the training with a complete understanding of the subject.

With our training, businesses can learn more about employee skill sets, gaps, and competency levels. This information helps in tracking progress and evaluating performance. We always look forward to working with organisations and individuals on their way to improve manufacturing processes and quality management systems.

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